My wife Michele is in a puppet troupe along with Eleanor Davis, David Mack, and Jason Matherly called The Creaky Theater.  Guess I just wanted to get in on the fun.  Of course it’s only a matter of time before playing with puppets devolves into them making out.  It’s a scientific fact.

Also, those of you who follow my Twitter or Facebook have already read, my house was broken into on Saturday (while I was in Atlanta for Free Comic Book Day) and my computer was stolen.  Along with it were all of my Monster Isle files, which I had not yet backed up.  Borrowing friends’ computers has made it possible to rescan, recolor, and post this week’s strip.  Hopefully I’ll have time to get next week’s out on time, but this coming weekend is TCAF, so we’ll see.

Speaking of which, if you’re in Toronto this weekend, stop by TCAF and say “hello!”  Admission is FREE, so why not!?  Despite being upstairs in the “Webcomics Pavilion,” I won’t actually have any Monster Isle stuff, but I will have The Ride Home, Tales of Unusual Circumstance, Mermin issues 1 and 2, and maybe even a preview copy of Cavemen in Space!

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