Y’know What They Say…

Y’know What They Say…

“Whatever boats your fancy,” know what I mean?

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  1. GreyWyvern says:

    A bird in the hand saves nine… o-o-o-or, something like that!

    Hey, I was just wondering, the comics being posted are 750px wide, but this ComicPress layout could fit a comic 900px wide or so. Wouldn’t they look nicer a little larger? 🙂

    Monster Isle is so random, I love it. Too bad it’s only once a week!

  2. joey says:

    Thanks! Yes, as time goes on, and I’ve run out of my original list of ideas that I brainstormed when coming up with the strip, I think it’s getting a bit loopier. Hopefully for the best?

    Anyway, thanks for the suggestion regarding the size. As much as it ruffles my completest feathers to change size 40 strips in, it might be for the best! I’ll consider it…