You’ll make it there someday Gary!

I had a crazy time at the San Diego Comic Con last week!  Hello to everyone who I saw there!

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  1. GreyWyvern says:

    Gary will get off this island if it kills him… and it probably will at this rate!

    Wish I could have been at SDCC this year.

  2. SpandexDoom says:

    Did you….ahhhh….ummm…”acquire” some “goodies” whilst there?

  3. joey says:

    Didn’t buy too much stuff. A really nice One Piece “Strong World” art book and my buddies new graphic novel “Super Pro K.O.” were the highlights. I had to fly back, and I was more concerned with leaving with less than I brought…but I did get to look at a lot of great stuff, like that table of Godzillas! You can see more photos at my blog: http://joeyweiser.livejournal.com/122630.html