5 Things To Do On A Rainy Day

5 Things To Do On A Rainy Day


Monster Isle will be taking a short break.  I know, pretty lame, right?  Well, things have been pretty hectic lately with SPX, and getting a lot of freelance work on top of working on the next Mermin book.  I just need a few weeks to get caught up with everything and unfortunately Monster Isle is gonna have to be put to the side.  I do not plan for this to be a long break, but it might end up being a couple months.  If you are reading this a year from now, and this strip is still on the front page, then I apologize and I just want you to know that I feel pretty bad about it.  But, hey, over 3 years without missing a single week is pretty good, I think!

On the plus side, I have a lot of work coming in the near future!  If you want more big monster comics from me, I suggest you pick up Bezoar, a monster anthology mini-comic which debuted at SPX this year.  Bezoar is now available for purchase at the Little House store!  On top of that, keep an eye out on my main website and/or Twitter for updates regarding Mermin.  Volume 1 is coming in February, and I’m hard at work on Volume 2 right now!  More announcements regarding who’s publishing it, what it’ll look like, etc. are on their way.  You can also look forward to a bunch of SpongeBob Squarepants comics from me in 2013.

Again, I’m sorry for the break, but it shouldn’t be too long.  Keep an eye out for those announcements regarding my comics including the return of Monster Isle!

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  1. GreyWyvern says:

    I steadfastly await the return of Monster Isle. Until then I shall be building a pillow fort and cursing the Rain God.