Time to Break Up this Man Party

Time to Break Up this Man Party

Okay, this one requires a bit of crossover knowledge in the fields of Kaiju and Art History.  So… sorry about that.  But if you’re that very special kind of nerd — you’re welcome.  Full disclosure: cartoonist pal Chris Schweizer and I have discussed a gag of his that treads along similar lines, but I’d be lying if I said that thoughts of a certain giant Japanese pterodactyl didn’t keep me awake during Survey II as a young lad in art school.  So here we are.

Due to the holiday schedule, I’ve had to leave a few strips out of Jake to get back on schedule where Monster Isle is published there first.  Can you guess one very insular, reference-heavy strip that will be left out?

Anyway, I’d like to also remind you that the Cavemen in Space fundraiser is still chugging along.  The first few waves of rewards have been mailed, and I’m even gearing up to draw my first donator appearance!  Don’t you want to visit Monster Isle?

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  1. brad dwyer says:

    ah, man, I’ve always loved Rodan! His powers were kind of limited to making gale force winds while flapping his wings, but I liked him almost as much as Godzilla when I was a kid.

  2. joey says:

    Ha ha, yeah, I think I was definitely conflicted as a kid, thinking Rodan was cool, but wondering “Is he just going to flap his wings around the whole movie?”