Patting Birds on the Head

Patting Birds on the Head

I have been keeping up best I can with Fantagraphics’ Complete Peanuts collections.  It’s very interesting to see the strip evolve, and even in its less “evolved” states, it is consistently enjoyable.  I always aspire to care as much for my characters as Schulz did for his.

Switching gears a bit — I’d like to say “Hello!” to new readers who have made their way here via a recent link on The Comics Reporter.  So, “Hello!”  And thanks to Buzz Dixon for the kind recommendation.  I hope everyone continues to enjoy the strip!

Also, I’d like to send out my regular reminder that the Cavemen in Space Fundraiser continues.  We are approaching the final month before I have to print.  I’ll probably cut off the fundraising sometime mid-April.  There are still two mammoths left who need good homes!

Help Fund Cavemen in Space!

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