Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never

Whoops!  I totally forgot to get this strip up and ready to post at midnight!  Well, it’s still Wednesday, so I suppose I’m not entirely off schedule…I’ve been very busy you see!

The Cavemen in Space Fundraiser has less than a week to go!  You can see a lot about it on my blog and Twitter, but basically, while I type this we’re about 86% funded with $3,031 of $3,500 raised.  With only 5 days until the April 5th deadline, that means I have to raise about $93 a day!  I think we can do this!  Or at least get really, really close!  The book’s going to be printed either way, but there are a lot of great rewards that you could get by donating!

If you’ve been waiting to give, or want to mention this on your blog/Facebook/Twitter/whatever NOW is the time to do it, because the end is near!

Help Fund Cavemen in Space!

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